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Do you know the signs of Sleep Apnea?
  • Non-restorative Sleep: Wake up feeling groggy, tired. Feel like you haven’t gotten enough sleep.
  • Moderate to Loud Snoring: Although snoring can be mild in some patients, especially women.
  • Pauses in breathing ranging from 10 to 60 seconds, sometimes even longer.
  • “Crescendo Snoring:” Rising and declining volume of snoring in 30 to 90 second intervals.
  • Loud snoring and/or “snorts” upon resumption of breathing, often accompanied by movement in the bed.
  • Daytime tiredness, especially during sedentary or “hypnotic” activities such as: • Driving a car for longer than 30 minutes • Working in front of a computer screen • Sitting quietly, especially after lunch or dinner • Reading or watching television
  • Frequent arousals from sleep, especially to use the bathroom more than one time per night
  • Waking up every one to two hours during sleep for no apparent reason.
  • Restless Sleep: Your bedcovers are messed up when you wake up!
  • Heartburn: Also known as Gastro-Esophogeal Reflux. Your difficulty breathing at night causes the acidic juices in your stomach to rise up into your throat.
  • Morning headaches: You aren’t getting enough oxygen during sleep!! It can give you a wallop of a headache!!
  • High Blood Pressure: 50% of all patients with sleep apnea have elevated blood pressure levels!
  • The need to take naps during the day or on weekends.
  • Lack of energy and motivation.
  • Tiredness, Tiredness, Tiredness!!
  • Denial of tiredness when observed by spouse, children, friends, co-workers

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